Automated Followup

Auto CloseMarketing doesn’t stop at the initial contact. We use automated followup systems to prequalify, educate, and presell your prospects. We call this our Auto Close process. We effortlessly move your leads along the purchase decision path. We keep you in their minds as the solution to their problem so when they are ready to purchase/sell they go to YOU!

This may seem like a lot of work and it certainly could be. Fortunately, technology exists to automate and simplify much of the work. All that is needed is an understanding of the decision process that your prospects go through and a way to move them through the process by overcoming the hurdles common along the way.

Purchase Decision Path

Our automated followup systems focus on the last two stages in the decision path. We take your expertise in answering questions and overcoming obstacles and provide that to prospects in the Research phase. Your prospects will enter the Evaluation phase armed with answers to the burning questions they need to know to enter the Purchase/Selling phase.

As they enter the Purchase/Selling phase you will stand out as the preferred Real Estate Professional. Your expertise has already been proven to them in the previous phase. During the Evaluation phase we not only highlight the key differentiators that make you the best choice but we also build up trust in you as a Real Estate Professional. Prospects move into the final? phase confident in their decision with full trust in you as their preferred Real Estate Professional.

We are passionate about helping local?Real Estate Professionals succeed online. Let us help you leverage the Internet to bring more new clients into your business, retain more existing clients and increase repeat business. If you are ready to outsource your marketing then request a free no-obligation consultation.

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