Magnetic Marketing

Use the power of attraction in your marketing!

Magnetic MarketingImagine having your ideal prospects finding you instead of you chasing after them. That’s Magnetic Marketing!

Traditional marketing methods rely on your ability to interrupt them from what they were doing (watching TV, reading an article, etc) and get them to give you their attention. TV, radio, magazine ads, newspaper ads, billboards and similar forms of advertising are interruption marketing. As you can imagine, response rates are very low for these often offensive forms of marketing.

Magnetic Marketing changes that paradigm. Now your message will be your prospects focus. Right when they are in the process of learning, researching, and choosing a solution to their problem they will stumble upon one of your marketing magnets. Everywhere they go they will find another magnet pulling them toward you as the solution.

Once they have been brought into your sales funnel, all you need to do is close the sale. But forget about the hard sell… these prospects are predisposed to buy from you. They searched and found YOU. They want to buy from YOU. All you need to do is make it easy for them.

We are passionate about helping local real estate professionals succeed online. Let us help you leverage the Internet to bring more new clients into your business, retain more existing clients and increase repeat business. If you are ready to outsource the marketing of your local real estate business then request a free no-obligation consultation.

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