Traffic Generation

More traffic to your website =
more visitors to your store =
more revenue-producing customers

Traffic Generation Philosophy

Traffic GenerationUnlike many of our competitors, our traffic generation philosophy doesn’t center on tricking Google to list your websites at top of their results pages. Instead, we focus on regularly publishing engaging quality content that your ideal prospects want to consume. We then broadcast it everywhere that your prospects hang out online. Like hundreds of little magnets, each piece of content attracts new prospects back to you.

The Authority Principle

Imagine that you are the ideal prospect for your real estate business. As you surf the Internet you see ads about an interesting real estate professional (you) that can solve your problem. Later, on Facebook, you again see ads for this same real estate professional but this time you also see friends online recommending them. You start to search to see who else can solve this problem for you and again see the same real estate professional on the search results page (multiple times) for both their website content and YouTube videos. Clearly they are the authority on this problem so who else would you trust to solve it?

The Starting Line

Wouldn’t it be great if you could build a website and free traffic would just flow in? Unfortunately, that is not how it works. However, with a good strategy there is much we can do to speed up the free traffic flow. Still, the best way to get started is with paid sources of traffic. With paid traffic we can better control the type and quantity of traffic. This gives us an opportunity to tune your conversion points and identify the best sources of traffic. Paid traffic is also a great way to give a short-term boost to your traffic anytime you are launching a new product/service or offering a special promotion.

Going The Distance

It is important to get off to a great start but endurance wins the race. The Internet rewards long-term players. Our traffic strategy centers on going the distance by developing a plan to build up your brand reputation online. Over time we will build out your content footprint so you are the authority others look to. With perseverance and consistency your real estate business will become impervious to competition. We set you up so the only way you will fail is if you take your foot off the gas.

We are passionate about helping local real estate professionals succeed online. Let us help you leverage the Internet to bring more new clients into your real estate business, retain more existing clients and increase repeat business. If you are ready to outsource your real estate marketing then request a free no-obligation consultation.

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